Integrating families? Want your pets at your wedding? Feeling stressed and taking it out on each other? Together with 15 years of experience I use many healing tools, and modalities to help you or your animals in overcoming blocks in your lives be they physical, mental or emotional.  As an animal whisperer I have found that when families blend with their animals, many behavioral issues may come up as the new dynamics of new partners and animals need to be addressed. I have also found that our pets mirror our emotional state, causing an imbalance in the family and pack. I work with the whole family/pack to bring about balance.

My services also include Space Clearings for homes and businesses:When starting a new life together it is so important to clear the energy of your new home, of old memories and situations. This is the best way to optimise your happiness and health for the life you want to live with your partner!

More benefits: increased creativity, focus, passion, deeper sleep, harmonious  relationships,  greater communication skills, save time, stress less and achieve more!!

My highest value is to go the extra mile for you and give you the support, courage and skills as you make the necessary life changes to bring about peace and balance.

Services :  I give laser focused:

  • Guidance and counselling on life purpose and goals
  • Trauma counselling, so that you can Overcome fear, anger, depression and transform into self-love
  • Coaching to help you as a woman feel heard in your romantic relationship
  • Animal Communication and Healing

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