White is a reflection of all colours,  black on the other hand being the absorption of all colours. Whether having biblical connotations or not, a rainbow is a sight to behold.

Colour becomes apparent due to different frequencies of light from an untold number of objects. For example, an apple is not coloured red, the frequency of light that is reflected off the apple reaches the optic nerve in the brain which transmits the ray, the eye then observes red.

Colour and it’s affects will be discussed in our next article – where seeing red means vibrant and stimulating, yellow a nerve tonic as is sunlight, green is known for its nature calming qualities, blue suggests spaciousness and chilly and violet suggests cold and magnetic.

There is no doubt that colour plays a role in our emotions but what is the origin of these emotions? These commence as an inner feeling and how one reacts is up to the individual. For the full article and advice on skin care and colours, please see visit:

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