6 Specific South African Feng Shui differences – Local conditions matter

  • Our weather system operates independently from China’s. The prevailing winds and the ocean currents are unique to South African shores. When we tune into the energy of our home or office here, aligning local and personal influences becomes a potent Feng Shui tool.
  • There are obvious planetary differences between the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere. Common to both hemispheres is the fact that the sun rises in the East and cycles to set in the West. In South Africa, the sun moves through the northern skies while in the Northern Hemisphere it travels a southern orbit.
  • The intense energy of the midday sun comes from South African’s northern skies and sets in the west. This is opposite in the Northern Hemisphere where the strongest sun is the southern skies.
  • The conflicting planetary cycles are where the Bagua Map can be energetically questioned. In our part of the world, the strong Yang Sun (Fire element) comes from a northern aspect.  Our houses are oriented to benefit from this warmth.
  • This nation’s love of braai-ing and following the sun as it orbits to set in the west – just says ‘SA Living’. Rigid principles don’t always apply. Feng Shui is something you feel and very importantly, respect.
  • The Eight directions (North/South/East/West) to your location are fixed geographically. Seasonal changes and changing equinoxes however have a huge influence on the energy of the planet, on you and the magnetic energy field of your home.
  • We are kinetically shifted by changing frequency and the moon’s mystique – we have so much more energy generating around us than we can logically compute. Feng Shui is about being in harmony with this energy, harnessing it and using it to enhance our homes, offices and lives.

Embracing the seasons is a powerful tool – playing with seasons is so much a part of what Feng Shui has to offer. Remember to keep changing the energy in your home according to seasons.

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