CRADLESTONE ESTATE – The most innovative housing solution for today’s South Africa.

Studies have shown that Gauteng is a major factor in keeping South Africa alive economically. There has been a huge influx of people to Gauteng, which has had a significant impact on everyone’s lives.  Job scarcity is evident on every street corner.  There are not enough homes and there is a strain on water, waste, electricity and quality food resources.    The demand for affordable food that is fertilizer and pesticide free, safe drinkable water and job opportunities is getting more urgent daily.

Not a great way to start your married life, is it?  We all want the same thing really:

  • A safe home where our children can ride their bikes to school and the local market.
  • Quality food and water that is not mass produced and contaminated with chemicals and antibiotics.
  • Health for ourselves and our children. Many of our children suffer from obesity and a disconnect from school and society – aptly called NDD – Nature Deficit Disorder.

It is time to change the way we live!

Imagine starting your married life in a Permaculture Lifestyle Estate!

Imagine a home that works for you, by producing an abundance of clean energy, fresh healthy food and water for everyday consumption.

Imagine a home surrounded by edible food gardens, herb pathways and fruit and nut trees.  Imagine strawberries growing in pots at your back door and grapes hanging outside on a pergoda.

Imagine a farmer’s market in the Estate where you can send the children to buy free range eggs, milk and bread.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A FARMER!  The estate will be overseen by soil and permaculture specialists employed by the Governing Body.

SA’s first Permaculture Lifestyle Estate will be on the road to the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (Hendrik Potgieter).  It is close to schools, Pinehaven Hospital, a future Gautrain station and less than 2kms from Cradlestone Mall in Mogale City.

If you want to invest in the first 100 homes or be a future resident, contact me privately on

Be a leader and safeguard not only your future, but your children’s futures too!

CRADLESTONE VILLAGE  is inspired by the Regen Villages brainchild (

The REGEN concept is to be adapted to suit the unique South African social and security requirements, climate and conditions. ReGen Villages, Netherlands, went viral around the world after a massively successful press announcement from the Venice Biennale in June, 2016.   Over 1300 people signed  up as “future residents” for the proposed 100 homes.
ReGen Villages was presented at the White House  in 2016 and has been nominated for a Global Solutions Award.

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