Looking for your Wedding Venue?

 This checklist will help you make the right decision.

22 Questions to ask before you book your venue

How to find your wedding venue…
the easy way

So many engaged couples spend days visiting and looking at venues – only to find that many are not suitable for their needs (or budget). By asking the right questions upfront, you will not only figure out if the venue is ideal for you, but you will also save a lot of stress and conflict down the line.

So how do you go about making sure you choose the best venue?

You could spend weeks researching and waste days driving around to view various unknown venues; or spend hours walking down aisles at bridal fairs, overwhelmed by all the decisions that need to be made… OR

You could do it the stress-free way and join us on the next Marriage Meander Journey – where you can sit back and relax, be spoilt and we’ll do all the work for you! Heres a sneak peek video of what you can look forward to:

You’ll visit 4 recommended venues, sample delicious food & meet trusted suppliers.

We’ve also realised how time-consuming and difficult it can be for you to sift through hundreds of suppliers to try and find the best team for your special day. So, we’ve invited some reliable service providers to join us on the journey so you can meet them in a relaxed environment, ask all the questions you need to and get the best tips and advice so you don’t make the same mistakes so many other couples do! Sounding less stressful already?

There’s more!

Not only will you have an awesome day with delicious food, but you can save R500 – R5000 on your wedding when you find and book your ideal venue or perhaps some of your service providers. We have negotiated some fantastic special offers that are available for the Meander Journey Guests only.

You’ll pay only R450 for your ticket to join us for the day but can get thousands in return!


You will receive a goody bag and there are loads of prizes on the day!

So, if you want to have more fun while planning, don’t miss the next Marriage Meander Journey

DATE: 4th April

TIME: 8 am – 5:30 pm

VENUES: Eden Lassie, Tala, Sweet Home, Gwahumbe

We have limited seats available and booking is essential.

Here’s what some of our previous Meander Journey guests say:

Thank you for the most amazing day that you put together for us. Words can’t explain how much we enjoyed every minute, the suppliers were great and targeted the areas of importance and we felt so spoilt and pampered.


A very big thank you for an amazing experience on Saturday.  Mike & I had a fantastic time!! . . . Meeting new people, sharing ideas, the food was fabulous, and of course meeting the different suppliers was a huge help. There was something different about meeting them on the journey compared to meeting them at a bridal fair . . . It seemed more intimate & you could really have a good chat with them. Thank you for a great day!!


We would like to say thank you so much for a wonderful day. We were truly amazed by the loving, welcoming atmosphere throughout the whole day and from every staff member we met. It is one of the most successful days of our wedding planning so far.

Dawn & Riaan

You guys rock! You’re awesome! Planning our wedding is now much easier…. You have taught us many things…. Thank you. Our trip was just AWESOME & we found ourselves a perfect venue thanks 2 u :o) Keep doing what you guys are doing…


What you will do on the day:

  • Visit 4 beautiful venue (recommended)
  • Sample delicious food at each venue (you’ll be eating a lot!)
  • Meet some top service providers
  • Get tips and ideas from the pro’s – like having a personal planner
  • Get special offers to save you thousands
  • Be treated like royalty and get a goody bag and prizes

Who should attend a Meander Journey?

Any brides/grooms to be who want to make wise decisions about their wedding. Bring your parents, fiancé, bridesmaid or best friend – whomever you would most like to spend the day with!  You are welcome to bring as many of your entourage with you as you would like – it is a fabulous, social day out!  Many fiancés brave the Meander. If you would like to come on your own, this is perfect too!  Our Team is very hospitable, and you will certainly not be lonely!  It is not advisable not to bring children as it is a very long, exhausting day for little people.