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Antenuptial Contracts KZN – Your wedding day is a memorable and important occasion and planning this day is exciting. Understandably, anything serious like a legal contract just doesn’t seem to fit with this happy theme and so most couples avoid the subject of the antenuptial contract until the last minute – not advisable!

Antenuptial Contracts KZN Specialists – Benita Ardenbaum Attorneys, are specialists in family law, Their approach is very different, striving to inform and guide you both through this process. We know that most couples about to be married don’t really want to spend time discussing what may happen should their marriage end. However, it is vital to understand your matrimonial property system and how this will affect your finances upon death or divorce.

We will also assist with the preparation or updating of your wills to reflect your changed marital status. Both documents, the will and antenuptial contract, are vitally important documents that carry legal implications. It is crucial that the attorney who drafts these documents has the knowledge and expertise to do so as well as the ability to explain the legal terms in order that you fully understand what you are signing.

We offer a unique and personalized service and take the necessary time and care to ensure that your antenuptial contract and wills accurately reflect your wishes and intentions.

We invite you to visit our offices and allow one of our specialist family law attorneys to assist you in this process.


An antenuptial contract is one of the most important documents you will ever sign as it regulates your estate on divorce or death. It is a document which is completed and signed before you get married which sets out what matrimonial property regime will apply during the course of your marriage, and are only necessary when you are not getting married in community of property which is the default position in South African law.

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