<title>The Wedding Specialist

<description>Khali Collins, the owner of The Wedding Specialist is a seasoned wedding professional. Khali is a well respected wedding planner, coordinator, floral designer and as well as the owner of the SA School of Weddings.

Her business is now 10 years old, and with this experience in the wedding industry, she knows every aspect of a successful wedding.

From the moment a bride walks into The Wedding Specialist, the sense of being in a right place at a right time fills even the most anxious bride with confidence that all her wedding plans will be handled professionally.


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<title>Poetry Weddings


Poetry Weddings and Events is dedicated to high quality service and professionalism.
Allow us to take the stress out of not only your day but also the planning leading up to your wedding. From the budget to great service providers and perfect design ~ we ensure that every detail is taken care of on your dream day.

Through hard work and personal attention, memorable and stress-free weddings are seamlessly created and forever treasured.

“Marriage is more than finding the right person, it is being the right person.” Anon

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<title>The Pickled Italian

<description>Sandra Valente’s passion for food and travel led her to start The Pickled Italian in 2005 after a long and successful career in the restaurant industry.

Her mission statement is simply “Everything I do, I owe to spaghetti!”. This in itself describes her dedication to Italian and Meditteranean cuisine and yet she is able to produce all variations and blends of other cultures with minimum fuss.

So pass on the flag to Sandra for a romantic meal for two, a family feast just before the wedding or a breakfast buffet the day after to bring family, friends and relationships together in the comfort of your own home. She will take care of everything necessary for your culinary needs without you having to get involved, other than the menu planning.

Very affordable, this is an ideal opportunity and treat, allowing you to take the time out that you need on your wedding planning Journey and the days thereafter.

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<title>Three Black Dresses Event Management


The Ultimate Event Management and Escape Specialists. Three Black Dresses are passionate specialists who will assist you in making all your dreams come true, from destination weddings, bachelors golfing and adventure weekends to romantic honeymoon getaways and everything in between.

The South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal has managed to garner itself the well-deserved status of The Adventure Zone, and the title of “The Golf Coast.” It is an idyllic haven for a break from the bustle of everyday life and it provides the perfect escape from the daily grind of reality. And the perfect destination to relieve yourself of all the wedding stress.

With over 120km of picture perfect beaches and a rugged, untamed landscape as you travel inland – the South Coast has it all!  Stunning 18-hole golf courses, culture laden hinterland and adrenaline pumping adventure options, world-renowned dive sites, the timeless sands of their seven Blue Flag Beaches, delectable cuisine and a smorgasbord of accommodation options to suit everyone’s tastes…

Bring out your inner romantic and relax into the rhythmic pace of the South Coast.

Be inspired to plan your distinctive Big Day here – what better place to start your exceptional journey of love together?  And if you are thinking of getting engaged – there is no more perfect location to pop the question to that special someone in your life!  ‘Paradise Found’ is how many lovebirds have described their fairy-tale honeymoons on our glorious coastal stretch of heaven.  We offer bespoke honeymoon packages which cater for your every need so that the only thing you need to concern yourself with is the welfare of your loved one…

The dynamic team at Three Black Dresses will ensure that your event is a truly unique and elegant affair.  Impeccable credentials, an unrivaled track record, attention to detail and over a decade of experience makes Three Black Dresses a company you want to work with for your special day!

We provide high delivery end-to-end corporate event management solutions and a suite of exceptional stand-alone private event services. Escape with Three Black Dresses….

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<title>Salad Etc by Nici Bailes


When I retired from the wedding industry in 2015 after 20 years of styling, wedding planning and ultimately running a wedding PR company, I was so excited to have free weekends and a life.  But after 2 weeks of sleeping in, I woke up to the fact that I missed the hustle and bustle of chaos and needed an outlet for my energy ~ and missed my weddings and brides most of all!!!!!

And so Salad Etc. was born.  In collaboration with my crazy Italian foodie friend with a borehole, we grew a small farmstead and began making up edible baskets as both a talking point and practical centrepiece solution.

After many early morning markets {meeting the most interesting, green, self-sustaining and water wise people), we realised our forte was to do what we know best ~ functions!  So we set about sourcing relevant containers per function style and filling them with all edible and pretty greens and now provide our clients with something different as keepsake table décor.  We have such fun in pre function meetings discussing herbs, salad preferences {of which there are many!} and suggesting a personal touch.  Not the most obvious topic when discussing wedding décor but apparently happens to be a soothing outlet for most.

For any edible décor and general chat about Salad Etc, please call or send an sms/whatsapp to Nici on 083 267 2946 {with all your contact details) or mail nicilbailes@gmail.com.

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