When the wedding is over, you may think the day will be etched into your memory forever, but memories fade and it will be difficult to verbalise just how wonderful everything was. This is where capturing and recording the event and all the details come in; creating the opportunity to be absorbed in the images of your special day and relive your treasured moments with friends, family and future generations.

Photography has become an art and when considering who to hire, remember that quality is more important than quantity. Choosing an experienced wedding photographer is essential if you don’t want to be disappointed. Not only will their professional cameras and lenses ensure you receive quality images, but they will have the technical skill, experience and artistic ability to capture the mood and passion of the occasion. Their knowledge of light and their ability to adapt quickly to different situations and weather conditions will make a big difference to the end result. They will also have backup equipment in case of any emergency – you won’t be able to replay the day if batteries die, equipment fails or there are any other disasters.

When considering your photography, you and your fiancé will need to decide on the style that appeals to you, whether formal, posed shots; candid, fun shots or something with a creative flair. Often your photos will probably be a blend of these approaches but communicate your preferences to make sure you are on the same page. It’s important that you meet up with your specialists before your big day and make sure you feel comfortable with them since they are the people you will be spending much of your day with.

Timing on the day of your wedding is a key consideration when planning. Your photographer will advise you as to the amount of time to allocate to each part of the day to avoid delays – from getting your hair and makeup done and getting dressed to having the group photos, your styled shoot and cutting the cake. Try to allocate more than enough time, so you don’t feel rushed and you’ll enjoy the day more.

For a suggested timeline, here’s a useful guide to make sure everything runs smoothly and you won’t have to rush or skip any part of the day in order to end on time.

Having a pre-wedding engagement shoot is an ideal opportunity to get to know each other and see how your photographer works with you as a couple. It will ensure you feel relaxed and confident on the day, knowing that you are in good hands.

Be aware that one thing you can’t control is the weather. In some areas and certain times of the year, you can have three seasons in a day! You might be dreaming of a garden, forest or beach ceremony, but making sure there is an alternate undercover option before the day, will give you peace of mind. If there is the slightest chance of rain or a cold front, be prepared with umbrellas, gumboots and jackets. A skilled photographer will know how to create magic in any environment. In fact, some of the most stunning photos are taken in rain, wind or misty conditions. Most importantly, your guests will take their cue from you, so decide before the day that you will have fun, no matter what the weather.

Your wedding is about the two of you declaring your love for, and lifetime commitment to each other. Why not have your guests fully present when celebrating that once in a lifetime day and ask them to put their phones away – at least for the ceremony. Photo booths are very popular and can be hired for your guests to not only get their selfie-fix but they will also have a memory of your wedding to take home with them.

Once you have your photos, how they are presented is also important – both from an aesthetic point of view and how they will be preserved. Your album is something to treasure for life so speak to your photographer about what options they offer. It’s a good idea to see a few of their current weddings and when comparing prices, take note of the quality of their albums, the number of pages, as well as cover options (genuine leather or acrylic) and if additional ‘parents’ albums’ are included in the quote.

Your wedding day will go by so quickly. Take a few quiet moments together to take in all that’s gone into the planning and the real reason for you being there: to celebrate your marriage. Avoid making it all about the photos – these will happen naturally if you’ve hired the right photographer. This is the one day you will be surrounded by all your family and friends who will remember the special time they spent with you the most, so when the day finally arrives, be present and enjoy every moment.

Find a fabulous photographer here and keep your memories safe.