To answer the question: “Do I need a Wedding Planner?” we first have to find out:  “What does a wedding planner actually DO?

We asked the experts for their input:

• A wedding planner performs a service. What you pay for is the convenience of having someone else worry about all the details.
• We are the neutral party. Politics aside – we get on with it and you can blame everything on the crazy wedding planner. As long as YOU are happy.
• We see the big picture. It’s easy to get lost in tiny little details and not see the forest for the trees. We care and make every element our job and we think rationally about all aspects.

• We are not guests. We are there to make sure the caterer is setting the food out, that the DJ is set to go, and that the roller derby cocktail waitresses have their skates on.
• We are your middleman. We have this wacky thought that couples should enjoy their wedding day. Our job is to make sure you have as many moments of happiness as humanly possible by handling the mini-catastrophes for you.
• Wedding planners specialize in all things ‘wedding’. We know the industry and will make sure your service providers not only do what you expect, but that they are out to impress.
• We keep your best interests in mind. Caterer leaves the venue a mess? We clean it up. Rental Company forgets the generator? That’s on us. Tablecloths have strange stains? We take care of them. We hand out your final payments to vendors, so there are no detours on your way to wedded bliss. You are our couple: your happiness is our goal.
We are only as good as our last wedding.

So, do you need a wedding planner? Maybe not, but you might want one.

Article by By Midlands Style Events