Flawless skin: The greatest wedding gift you can give yourself!

Planning a wedding can be stressful and may have an adverse effect on your skin. Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive. It can also make it difficult for skin problems to heal and can cause existing skin conditions to flare up. But there is no need to panic. Just start an effective skincare routine as soon as possible to avoid disappointment on your big day.

What skin care is best for me?

Just like you would want to wear a unique dress on your wedding day, a good skin care routine should be designed for your skin’s needs, in preparation for your big day.  Roberta Donovan, Global Marketing Manager of Skin Care, Ascendis Health, suggests using a derma-cosmeceutical skincare range because it is more effective in treating targeted skin problems, and the blends of active ingredients work in synergy to clear, refine and renew skin in the deepest layers.

Donovan suggests investing in the Nimue 12 Week Challenge kit ahead of your big day. Each kit contains eight of Nimue’s cutting-edge home care products and a voucher for four professional treatments. With this combination, product efficacy is significantly increased and your skin will be transformed. “Whether your skin classification is Environmentally Damaged, Hyperpigmented, Problematic or Interactive, there are products and professional treatments in the Nimue range to address each concern,” say Donovan.

Don’t wait till the last minute

She advises that you should start a new skincare regimen at least three months before your wedding day, adding that you can join the Nimue 12 Week Challenge any time (the Nimue 12 Week Challenge discounted packs will be available while stocks last but once they have run out any Nimue salon will be able to put together an intensive 12 Week Nimue program for you).

“Some people may experience a transitional period as their skin adjusts to the new products and active ingredients and this can result in breakouts, excessive dryness or oiliness, increased sensitivity etc.  This is a good sign as it signals your skin health is undergoing a positive change. It is temporary but you don’t want this happening when you are days from walking down the aisle,” she says.

Follow this brave bride on her skin transformation journey

Brave and beautiful bride-to-be, Cleo Le Roux, will be putting this theory to the test. She will be taking the Nimue 12 Week Challenge in the run up to her wedding so she can enjoy flawless skin on her big day and walk down the aisle foundation-free.

 The big question…will she dare to go bare? You can follow her progress LIVE on Facebook and Instagram throughout her 12 week journey by searching @NoMakeUpBride.

You too can start your tailor-made skin transformation journey today. It’s the greatest wedding gift you can give yourself.

To join the challenge, visit www.Nimue12WeekChallenge.com. Find a participating salon nearest to you, make an appointment to have your skin analysis done and then purchase the Nimue 12 Week Challenge kit designed for your specific skin classification.  The recommended selling price for each 12 Week Challenge kit is R6000.