David John is an icon in the glamorous world of beauty and a specialist and perfectionist in bridal make up which he shares a great passion and enjoyment for when designing a brides face, not forgetting the bevy of beauties in the retinue and close family who all want to look gorgeous and made to feel special on the day.

Make Up Houses David John represents include ~ Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Smash Box, Clinique, Payot, Cristiaan Dior, Clarins and Michelleori.

Imagine yourself on your wedding day in fabulous stiletto strappy sandals with feet and tootsies on display not to mention the attention to your hands and nails when the diamond ring is being brilliantly flashed around with pride. The face radiant with perfect make up and then framing the whole vision of the bride is her hair – make a point of spraying perfume in your hair which will linger as a memory to all that dance with you.

Grooming has fast forwarded itself to a must have and certainly not a luxury one has to consider but a necessity for the bride and groom for a state of well being. David John or D.J as he is fondly known in the beauty world makes a pertinent point on how vital it is to pamper oneself.

D.J will meet with you at his warm welcoming make up counter at Galleon Pharmacy in Hyde Park Corner for an hour’s colour assessment for the bride to be. This is great fun and tremendously exciting with lots of fuss and attention to detail. The make up technique is documented and coloured onto a face profile chart just for you. David John will then arrive at a venue of your choice on the wedding day, captivate you with colour and fragrance which will linger in your photographs forever.

David John is incredibly charming and has the knack of putting brides and their retinues at ease.

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