6 Ways to Feng Shui Your Wedding & New Home

Apply the ancient art of energy balancing by consulting a Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui expert. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  1. The Venue

Lighting is key. Find a venue with an abundance of side lighting and avoid harsh overhead lighting. If you already have your heart set on a venue with low light, add lots of candles and use mirrors to expand and light up the space.

  1. Attire

Brides should wear a gown that isn’t diamond white. Opt for a slightly off-white shade such as beige or ivory. The same rule applies to guys. The bridal party should wear a combination of heavy and light fabrics to add balance and good energy.

    3. The Colour Scheme

  • Red: Accenting your wedding day with red creates a strong atmosphere of love and romance.
  • Pink: Evokes a sense of fun playfulness and light-heartedness.
  • Purple and violet: Give off a very sexy, passionate vibe.
  • Black and white: Together represent a strong, balanced relationship – as in the yin and the yang.
  • Blues and greens: Great for long term relationships and 2nd weddings – blues and greens promote a calm feeling.
  • Yellow: This bright, sunny colour is the hue of cheerfulness and great to add to a low lit venue.
  • Orange: Gives off a sense of warmth – promoting conversation and a comfortable atmosphere.
  1. Leaving the ceremony
  • Swop the white limo for a black one as the color black captures the stable foundation that every marriage should begin with.
  • Water is the perfect element to have at your send off. Fill your surroundings with buoyant bubbles as for the guests to blow you leave the ceremony.
  • Roses symbolize love.
  • Grains are a strong symbol of fertility and wish for having children.
  1. Something Borrowed, Something Blue

If you borrow something, borrow something blue (the colour of peace and serenity) from someone with a happy marriage and a happy family. By combining the age-old traditions of “something borrowed” with “something blue”, you’ll promote wedding day Feng Shui.

     6.  Your New Home

Starting a life together means balance and compromise. Get off the right start by bringing in an expert on Southern Hemisphere homes.


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