Marriage Preparation Classes in Durban

Marriage Preparation Classes in Durban with Michelle Van As, a Life and Emotional Wellness Coach.

Planning a wedding can be exciting and looking ahead to sharing a life with the person of your dreams can be full of hopeful anticipation.

Often, we plan a wedding and invest a lot of time and money in the process. We can forget about planning for what follows the wedding – a marriage!

Marriage preparation classes are often not taken seriously and just another box that needs to be ticked. Being prepared for this massive change in life is vital to ensure you are equipped to deal with your relationship once the romance subsides. And yes, sadly the romance does wear off and the demands of life and family take over.

No matter how well you know the person you are marrying, you won’t know how they are going to change as they grow older and being prepared for the inevitable changes that lie ahead is vital to a happy future together. Learning and growing together and being willing to understand each other makes for a happy life!

Imago Pre-Marital courses prepare couples for the adventure ahead by helping them learn tools to deal with challenges and changes. It helps couples understand their partner’s identity and the roots of potential conflict – which happens to everyone.

Instead of leaving your relationship to chance, make sure you are equipped with tools of dialogue, understanding and behaviours that will keep your love alive and growing.

Don’t only prepare for the one big day – prepare your relationship for the years of marriage that lie ahead!

Join couples in a one-day workshop and learn that you already possess a quality essential to a loving connection: intentionality!

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