Robertson Winery unveils exquisite sparkling wines, the perfect choice for bridal couples

Immerse yourself in the enchanting transformation of Robertson Winery’s sparkling wines, now elegantly adorned in floral-themed packaging featuring roses cultivated in the picturesque Robertson valley. This stunning new look makes the collection an irresistible and natural choice for bridal couples seeking not only exceptional taste but also beautifully packaged bottles that add a touch of romance to their special day.

Ankia Niemann, Marketing Manager at Robertson Winery, shares the unique significance of the roses within the Robertson wine valley, stating, “What sets this range apart is its remarkable diversity, offering an array of delights from sweet to dry sparkling wine as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic. This variety allowed us to craft not just a few roses but an entire bouquet that brings life to any shelf and every occasion with floral delight, making it an ideal choice for toasting special occasions with family and friends.”

The Robertson Winery sparkling range proudly showcases the Iceberg and Simplicity varieties, each bottle a work of art. The Iceberg rose, a beloved South African favourite, is distinguished by its clusters of snow-white, semi-double blooms. In contrast, the Simplicity rose beguiles with its clear pink blossoms and gracefully simple appearance. These beautifully packaged bottles are designed to elevate the aesthetic of any wedding celebration.

Ankia Niemann invites bridal couples to consider Robertson Winery’s sparkling range as the perfect complement to their special day, stating,

Our sparkling range is not just about the wine; it’s a sensory experience that adds a touch of elegance to your celebration.

The beautifully crafted bottles serve as a symbol of the natural beauty of the Robertson valley, making them a natural choice for couples looking for something extraordinary.”

The fresh floral packaging not only embodies the spirit of spring and summer but also underscores the winery’s commitment to sustainability and community support. By featuring roses from the Robertson valley, the winery enhances the aesthetic appeal of their products while championing the beauty of the region and supporting local growers.

Elevate your wedding celebration with the Robertson Winery sparkling range—an exquisite sensory experience, a reflection of natural beauty, and the perfect choice for couples who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether toasting to your love or sharing these beautifully packaged bottles with loved ones, make your wedding day even more special with the romance and flavour of Robertson Winery’s sparkling wines.

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