To me a wedding cake is more than a mere sweet treat at a wedding. It is a symbol of the wedding couple’s love and future prosperity. It is a message in itself. After the bride, it is a centrepiece of beauty and elegance to complement and enhance the ceremonial excellence of the day. Cutting and eating it are symbolic acts to do with the wedding promise and future hope of the union; acts laden with cultural meaning accumulated since ancient times. With this in mind, embarking on the genesis of a client’s wedding cake is a very exciting event.
Roz’s Beautiful Cakes caters for wedding cakes and candy bars, bridal shower and kitchen tea cakes and sweet tables, and wedding gifts and favours too.

I always meet with clients for a cake tasting session and one on one consultation to design the cake together.

I am always honoured to be such an integral part of what is one of the most important days in a married couples’ life together, to make the cake for the ceremony marking the beginning of their life together as that entity which is the bedrock of humanity: a family.

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