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As you set out on your wedding planning journey, one of the wisest investments you can make is setting aside time to build a solid financial plan for your future.

Helping you create a structured financial plan – not just for your wedding but also for your future – is exactly what Stuart Woodroffe would like to assist you with.

A successful wedding plan starts with a budget.  Before making any big wedding decisions, it’s important to discuss what is important to each of you.  Be willing to compromise on the less important elements and if you want to spend more in one area, realise that you will need to reduce expenses elsewhere. 

Setting – and sticking to – your wedding budget will feel like a huge accomplishment and eliminate much of the stress surrounding your special day.

What about your finances after the wedding? Have you given consideration to your new household budget and what this means for you, your spouse, and your dependants?  Have you started planning for your retirement and do you have an updated will in place – that takes your new spouse into consideration?

Make an appointment with Stuart and take him up on his offer to conduct a free financial audit of your current financial status so that you can identify your starting point, and set some solid goals for your future.

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    Financial advisors are often seen as “Insurance Salesman” and in the case of Stuart Woodroffe, that cannot be further from the truth.
    Truly, his primary goal is to ensure his clients are protected financially from the unforeseen hardships this life can surprise us with.
    Extremely easy to talk to, relatable and understandable, he makes the “greek” of financial planning, cover and investments very easy to digest and that is priceless in a financial advisor.
    Thank you Stuart for all your efforts and care. You are appreciated.

    Travis Ludlow