Rob and Carolyn first got involved in the suit hire business in 2017 but Suit Yourself has been styling grooms since 2006. At the start of 2020, they bought out the previous owner and founder, Wade Wingfield, who emigrated to Australia. Wade is a good friend of theirs and they are determined to continue his legacy, with the support of experienced store manager, Brendon Rose, whose familiar face has been part of the Suit Yourself family for ten years.

When Rob and Carolyn got married in 2005 there weren’t as many styles or colours to choose from and Rob suited up in a classic black suit for their wedding. Today, Suit Yourself offers a range of suits in different colours, styles and fit. Their suit hire team aims to provide a fantastic customer experience along with a quality product that is fresh, modern, fashionable and fitted like it is “made for you”. Just because you are hiring a suit does not mean it needs to fit poorly.

When it comes to pairing the groom and his entourage with the right suits for the big day, they encourage clients to wear a style and colour that makes them feel comfortable and confident. And with such a range to choose from, you are bound to find something that not only suits your own personal sense of style but also complements the colour and theme of your wedding and keeps your missus happy too!

What Rob and Carolyn love most about their business is seeing the happy faces of their customers! Most of us don’t often have an occasion to dress smartly these days but your wedding day is one of the few opportunities where you get to turn up the style dial in a big way! 

Suit Yourself have suited up a few celebrities over the years and whilst it’s always a proud moment to see their suits in the media limelight, they treat all their clients like VIPs.

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