Welcome to The Floral Team, where Rowena, the visionary force, breathes life into magnificent floral designs that redefine elegance in the KZN wedding scene. With years of expertise in the wedding industry, Rowena has quietly mastered the art of creating breathtaking floral installations that captivate the senses.

Recently, Rowena decided to channel her boundless creativity, passion, and energy into her own flourishing venture, The Floral Team. Each installation she undertakes leaves a trail of admirers enchanted by her artistry and attention to detail.

Rowena is more than a florist; she’s a wedding dream-weaver. Entrust her with your Pinterest boards, and watch as she translates them into a real-life dream wedding, seasoned with originality to make your special day uniquely yours.

Her extensive experience and network within the industry make Rowena an invaluable asset to your wedding dream team, earning our unreserved recommendation.

I love creating florally enhanced spaces that invite your guests to join you in a magical chapter of your love story. Let’s invent something new, something memorable, something uniquely yours.

Explore Rowena’s portfolio on Instagram to witness the enchanting world she creates. When you’re ready to discuss flowers and décor for your beautiful celebration, give her a ring and embark on a journey to turn your floral fantasies into reality with The Floral Team.



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Contact: Rowena

Tel: 082 304 6495

Address: KwaZulu-Natal

Instagram: Visit them on Instagram

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    The flowers were so incredibly beautiful Ro! You and the team created absolute magic 😍

    Amy Wright

    Rowena, you are out of this world you took my vision and dream and made it reality. Biggest thank you ❤️

    Biance Warren