In a world cluttered with staged smiles and forced poses, I’ve made it my mission to strip photography back to its raw, emotive essence. With a journalism degree from UCT and decades behind the lens, I don’t just bring technical skills; I bring a storyteller’s eye.

For me, photography is less about capturing light and more about capturing life.

It’s the sneaky glance exchanged by lovers at the altar, the wind rustling through the trees on a summer afternoon, or the look of adoration on a new parent’s face as they hold their new-born. The little things, those authentic nuggets, make all the difference.

Adventure fuels me, whether that’s scaling cliffs to catch the sun melting into the sea or mingling within bustling city crowds. The thrill of the chase excites me, and I’m always on the lookout for those rare, unscripted moments that make your heart swell or your eyes misty. In a nutshell, I’m a documentary-style photographer who believes that the best stories are the real ones, unfolding right before our eyes.

When it comes to weddings, you’ll find me in the background, discreetly catching the emotions, the laughs, and yes, even the awkward dance moves. I want you to look back and not just remember how you looked, but how you felt. The joy, the jitters, the tears and the belly laughs—those are the priceless and timeless treasures.

While I specialise in stills, I do offer limited video packages. You see, it’s not just about freezing a moment in time; it’s about preserving precious fragments of life, your life, as authentically as possible

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    Now here’s a photographer with passion who will capture your memories and set them in time!! Troy’s love for what he does is reflected in every moment he captures! I highly recommend him!

    Megan Nicol

    Troy Bishop Photography is beyond artistic. on a level that reaches your soul.

    Phillip Chapman