Veil Atelier: Unveiling Beauty for the Discerning Bride 
In the flurry of fast fashion, Veil Atelier stands as a sanctuary of bespoke bridal elegance—each piece a chapter of your love story, meticulously handcrafted with originality and care.

Why Veils?
Our veils capture the essence of a modern marriage—a symbol of the beautiful complexity of seeing and being seen, the tender dance of connection that begins with “I do.”

Artisan Craftsmanship
Limited brides per month. Unrushed perfection. Our veils marry the finest local materials with age-old craftsmanship, promising a creation as enduring as your love.

Unique & Ethical
From upcycled vintage charm to one-off designs, our pieces are sustainably fashioned, celebrating your individuality and our planet with every stitch.

The Veil Atelier Experience
For the bride who treasures uniqueness and intention, Veil Atelier is more than a choice—it’s a journey. Our collaborative process turns your vision into reality, ensuring your veil is as unique as your love story.

Meet Lara
The heart of Veil Atelier, Lara, channels her passion for couture into each veil, blending tradition with her signature contemporary twist.

Embrace the art of slow fashion. Discover the singular beauty of a Veil Atelier piece. Secure your spot and begin your journey with Lara today.

Contact Details

Contact: Lara Burn-Heyer

Tel: 063 312 2535

Website: Visit their website

Address: Westville, KwaZulu-Natal

Facebook: Visit them on Facebook

Instagram: Visit them on Instagram

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    Oh my gosh, incredible! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 (Your creations) are all so dreamy and creative!😍

    Sarah Hawthorn (HAMU Artist)

    Lara is such a special human with such a unique talent & it shows with every piece she makes for Veil Atelier! Her attention to detail, modern ideas & quality of her veils are honestly the best I’ve seen! If you’re thinking of getting a custom veil or buying one she has made – I am 10000% certain you won’t only not regret it but you will have unique photos.

    Marielle Catherine (Photographer)