After the rollercoaster of planning a wedding together, it is important to take a break and spend some sweet and soulful time just the two of you.

When it comes to choosing where to go, everyone has a different take on their dream holiday. It’s often an opportunity to go all out on an overseas trip, but keep in mind that South Africa is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. There are many hidden gems and a memorable, unique and romantic holiday lies right on your doorstep.

Some things to consider:

  • Start planning early and book well in advance to secure the venue(s) you have your heart set on. Pay deposits to confirm your reservations as popular destinations fill up quickly, especially in peak seasons.
  • Try to stay at least two nights in your first location. After the adrenaline and excitement of the wedding, take some time to unwind. As newlyweds, you won’t want to get up early, rush through breakfast and get packed up and ready to check out at 10 am!
  • Don’t be preoccupied with what others say a honeymoon should or shouldn’t be, and don’t try to copy someone else’s itinerary. Your honeymoon is all about the two of you and you should spend it visting places and doing things that you are both passionate about.
  • Chatting to a travel agent can be helpful as they will be able to assist with tailoring a package that suits your budget and preferences. For a DIY booking, take a look at the amazing destinations featured in our Marriage Meander portfolio, which will ensure your honeymoon is unforgettable.
  • Some local luxury lodges, usually frequented by overseas travellers, are offering amazing specials for SADC residents making this a great time to book a local honeymoon.
  • When budgeting, remember that the total expense is more than just your travel and accommodation costs. Unless you book an all-inclusive package, you will need to factor in things like car hire/transfers, meals, drinks, activities and tips.
  • Wherever you decide to go, let them know you are honeymooners – they will often throw in some extras to make your time even more special.
  • If what you’d like most as a wedding gift is a great honeymoon, set up a honeymoon registry and invite your friends and family to contribute towards your ‘honeyfund’.
  • You don’t have to go away on honeymoon straight after the wedding. If you delay your trip, it gives you more time to save up and plan.  If you are heading off right away, it is a good idea to relax for at least a day after your wedding before starting your honeymoon.

These are some of our favourite honeymoon destinations in South Africa:

Wherever you choose to go, make moments matter and have a fabulous holiday during this time that is ‘exclusively yours’ –  you will want to remember it forever.


By Jacqui Cochran
Marriage Meander