Food is an important part of any function and will be remembered by your wedding guests, so give it due consideration. Many venues provide their own catering and usually offer a variety of wedding menus. You should be able to combine different dishes from various menus or the chef will be able to tailor-make a selection on your behalf. Be aware of any costs involved in adapting an existing menu. When selecting your venue, confirm that the style of menu will suit your own and your guests’ taste.

If the venue does not offer catering, they will usually recommend their preferred suppliers, or you may have the flexibility to choose your own. Make sure they are reputable and get a few references if you do not know them. It is not a good idea to attempt to do your own catering or get family or friends to do your wedding food unless they have had plenty of experience catering for weddings. A lot can go wrong with the food and you spend so much time and money on your special day, you do not want to ruin it by serving cold, soggy or dried out food or, worse still, running out before your guests have all been fed.

If you are having a large function, it’s preferable to go with a buffet-style menu. The cost will be dependent on the number of courses and your choice of food. When deciding on your menu, take into consideration the season and time of day as well as dietary requirements of your guests. A knowledgeable caterer will be able to advise you on what would be most popular and if your request would be suitable to serve under your specific circumstances. The venue or caterer will typically do a food tasting to help you make final decisions and ensure you know what you will be getting on the day.

A popular option for more than 60 guests is a plated starter, buffet main course and plated dessert. If you are serving canapés with cocktails, these could replace a starter. You could use your wedding cake as part of the dessert or to serve with tea after the ceremony while you have your photos taken. This way there is less waste, and your cake becomes an important part of the menu.

The largest part of your wedding budget will probably be allocated towards the catering. Remember to keep within your budget, be willing to compromise and take the advice of those who have had years of experience and only want the best option for you.

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