Hiring a wedding caterer can be intimidating because we all know what an important role food plays at a wedding.  People may forget who caught the garter, or what song the couple chose for their first dance but they’ll remember their meal – for better or worse.

We chatted to internationally acclaimed chef, Jackie Cameron and asked her to share some important tips for couples who are starting the hunt for their wedding caterer. Read her suggestions below to make sure you don’t commit any foodie faux pas.

  1. Research your wedding venue
    Some venues only offer inhouse catering, which is fine if you love their menu and style of cooking. But if you have your heart set on a particular dish, or caterer, make sure your venue permits outside catering.
  2. Set a budget and be open about it
    To avoid disappointment, your budget should be discussed before you take a step further. Being open about cost allows your caterer to manage your expectations. Your caterer needs to be confident, and experienced enough, to say no if what you want can’t be achieved within your budget. If you are promised the moon on a silver platter, for a ridiculously inexpensive rate, you may be in for a nasty surprise when either the food, or the bill, arrives. Remember ‘too good to be true’ usually is…
  3. Dish up the details on your foodie ‘loves’ and pet ‘peeves’
    Tell your caterer what dishes you enjoy, and how you would like them presented. Got a wedding menu board on Pinterest? Share it! Make sure you are upfront regarding foods to avoid – either because of food allergies that you or your guests may have, or because you just have an aversion to certain fare.
  4. Include a vegetarian option
    A vegetarian option on your menu is important. Not everyone will remember to notify you of their dietary requirements, and this gives you some wiggle room for any surprise vegetarians who reveal themselves on the day!
  5. Don’t settle until you find your soulmate
    While you won’t be spending your forever after with your wedding caterer, you will be working closely for months, so make sure you have the right match. You want someone who understands your vision for your special day and who will pull out all the stops to make sure the food is remembered, for all the right reasons, for years to come.


By Jackie Cameron
Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine