Let loose the hopeless romantic in you with these sweet and sentimental gift ideas for your hubby-to-be on your wedding day. 

Photography: Dean Demos

These days it’s quite common for a bride and groom to exchange some sort of gift on their wedding day. Wondering what to give your man? Here are our favorite ideas.

  1. A heartfelt note written in a handmade card. This homemade gift is free, but the words written inside, if honest and true, are priceless. From the way he hugs you when you’re upset to his world famous game day hot wings, list out the reasons why you love him. Express your adoration and gratitude and let him know you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him!
  2. An experience gift to share after the wedding. Get season tickets to his favorite sports team and promise you’ll go to half of the games with him. The other half he can take a buddy or brother! Or purchase tickets to a concert or show he’s always wanted to see and let him know you want to make it your first date night out as newlyweds.
  3. Send him food. He may be feeling nervous on the morning of your wedding, so why not send him a breakfast spread from his favorite brunch spot? He and his groomsmen can enjoy it while they get ready. Another idea that’s sort of along the same lines is to send a bottle of his preferred spirit (whiskey, rye, tequila, etc.) and a box of cigars. This will help calm any pre-nuptial jitters. Don’t forget a quick note that says I love you.
  4. A personalized piece of jewelry or accessory. An engraved watch, cufflinks, money clip, tie clip, and wallet are traditional groom’s gifts that are practical and memorable. Have them engraved with the date of your wedding, your initials, or a special quote that’s important to you both.
  5. Something to use on the honeymoon. Heading to a beachy paradise the day after the wedding? Get him a pair of new designer shades. Does he love to snap photos wherever you travel? Give him a new camera to play with.
  6. A framed photo. A picture of the two of you that he’s never seen from early on in your relationship is fun. Or one from the day of your engagement. Another option is a sexy photo of you taken boudoir style. Write a note that says you’ll show him the lingerie and a few tricks you learned at a burlesque class later that night in the newlywed suite!
  7. A fancy Swiss army knife or bottle opener or other handy tool. Outdoorsy types will appreciate a functional gift that they can use over and over again in the future.
  8. An engraved flask. Have his name etched on the side and fill it with his liquor of choice.
  9. A groom’s survival kit. This tongue-in-cheek gift can include socks (in case he get’s cold feet), mints (to ensure a fresh kiss), a nip of alcohol (to calm his nerves), and a light up party ring (in case he forgets the real deal).
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