When thinking of wedding day appearances, we instantly think of the bride. What dress she’s wearing, how her hair will be styled, and even what kind of makeup look she’s going for. Even the bridesmaids tend to get asked about what they’re wearing in a wedding. As it should be, they’re a major part of every couples wedding day. But what about the groom? Oftentimes the groom (and groomsmen) tend it get overlooked when it comes to wedding day prep and the look they’re going for. The reality of the matter is, the guys have a lot to think about leading up to the big day as well. Even if they don’t realize it. Here are three tips to help the groom prep his wedding day look:

Prep the Face

 First things first, it’s important to decide on a facial hair look. Whether your groom prefers to be clean shaven or he’s sporting a beard, it’s key to make it look intentional. Whatever his choice, it’s important that he has new razors and shaving products to achieve the cleanest look. Shaving with the grain will reduce any tug and pull during his shave! Your guests will be looking back at the groom to see his reaction when you first make your way down the aisle, don’t let them be distracted by a poorly shaved face. Your wedding day is going to live forever in photographs and videos, and that means all of the style choices you decide on will as well.


Style the Hair

 Your groom may not be accustomed to thinking of hairstyles months before his wedding, but you should encourage him to start. Afterall, you don’t want to wake up the day before your wedding and see that he’s suddenly decided to cut his hair. There are plenty of hairstyle options for your fiancé to consider if he’s thinking of changing up his look. Emphasize that it takes time for hair to be trained after a new cut. Getting it done a few months before the wedding will allow for style trial (and error). Trying new products and deciding which will hold for the duration of your day is essential. Try planning a date night at a nice restaurant is a great opportunity to practice styling options. It’s low stress and will facilitate a great prep run-through!

Pamper the Body

 Out of all of our suggestions, this may be the one that receives the most push back. Did you know that there are now spas for men? Now, maybe you won’t convince your man to step foot in a spa. However, you may have luck encouraging him to do some home pampering in preparation for the walk down the aisle. Let’s start with the teeth. There are countless options for home teeth whitening kits that you can find almost anywhere. A brighter smile will give the groom a boost of extra confidence. Have his eyebrows been tended to recently? At all? A pair of tweezers will do the trick. Lastly, give yourselves a manicure. It’s a great way to bond and get your groom to try something new. He may be surprised at how satisfying a well-groomed cuticle will make him feel!