Your wedding day will be remembered for a long time after the event. The moments will be captured in photos, on film and in the memories of your family and friends. As the bride, you will be the centre of attention and you’ll want to glow with health and beauty.

You might want to get (or keep) your body and mind in shape with a sensible diet and regular exercise, to lavish care on your skin, hair, teeth and nails. It’s a good idea to start a few months before to ensure that your desired look comes together. Above all else, have realistic expectations and don’t go overboard with unachievable goals. You want to look good but not at the cost of your health or sanity!

If you are not a regular visitor to a beauty salon, now is the time to consult a professional beauty therapist. She will be able to assist you with a skincare routine to suit your skin type, lifestyle and budget! Not only will regular facials leading up to your wedding ensure that your skin is in fabulous condition, but this will be a time where you will be able to lie back and take time out from the stresses of wedding planning! Your beauty therapist will also be able to assist you in shaping your eyebrows, the removal of unwanted hair and even advise you on tanning.

Hair Care

It is important to visit your hair stylist regularly before your big day. Discuss any hair or scalp concerns that you have – (s)he will be able to recommend professional products to assist in achieving and maintaining optimally healthy hair. You’ll also want plenty of time if you are planning a new style, colour or dramatic change, just in case the result isn’t what you envisaged, and you want to fix it.  When visiting your stylist to discuss your hair or have a trial, remember to take your hair accessories with you. If you can, take a photo of your dress as this will help in deciding what hairstyle will suit your dress.


The services of a professional makeup artist are well worth investing in. You would probably have worked so hard to create the ideal look that you will want your face to be flawless and radiate beauty. Your makeup artist will know the best foundation to use to complement your skin tone, cover or correct the appearance of flaws and imperfections, that will be long-lasting and, very importantly, be non-reflective to look natural in your photograph. (S)he will be able to suggest lip and eye colours that highlight your facial features rather than those that match your bridesmaids’ dresses! It’s important that you look natural and feel comfortable.

If you are not accustomed to wearing makeup, you can keep the colours neutral. Waterproof mascara is advisable for your wedding, just in case you shed a few emotional tears.

Spend time with your make up artist, not only at your trial and on your wedding day but consider asking for a few makeup lessons. You can purchase the colours (foundation, lipstick and eye colour) that the makeup artist recommends and learn the correct application techniques. Not only will you look stunning on your wedding day but you will be able to create the look yourself on your honeymoon and on your return. Using makeup correctly will help you feel more beautiful and confident in life.

Don’t forget that your groom fell in love with you is marrying you for who you are. You must still look like you, only the best version of you so that he says “Wow” when you walk down the aisle, not “Who is she?”

Here’s a list of professional hair stylists and makeup artists that will make you look the best version of you and help you burst with confidence on your special day.