Choosing a colour palette is one of the first things you’ll do when planning your wedding because it unifies most of your wedding details. While choosing a colour theme may seem overwhelming, it’s easier than you think. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect colours for your wedding:

Consider the Venue:

If you’ve already chosen a dream location for the wedding, keep in mind the preexisting prominent colours of the venue. Take note of its carpeting, drapery and decorations. If the venue has strong colours, select a colour scheme that complements. If you already have a colour scheme in mind, select a more neutrally decorated site. For outdoor weddings, fresh and light colours work best. If your wedding is by the sea, then blue is a natural choice.

Consult the Season

Take into account your wedding date. In which season will it occur? Darker colours such as burgundy or deep purples compliment winter weddings, but they should only act as accents for summer weddings. Dark greens and shades of orange look great for autumn weddings.

Let Art Inspire You:

Browse art galleries or magazines. Colour combinations in these images may spark ideas about what you like. You’ll also stay up to date about the latest colours for the new season.

Decide on One Colour:

It’s easier to choose one dominant first then start thinking about shades and tints or other colours to highlight or accent it with.

Pair Colours by Intensity:

Try to pair colours by their intensities. For example, royal blue and oxblood red pair better than baby blue and deep burgundy.

Decide on the Emotional Intent:

Colours can evoke specific emotions. Are you planning a romantic & regal affair, a vibrant high-energy bash, or a relaxing retreat? Yellows and greens work for vibrant and lively parties, a summer yellow and chocolate brown pairing is great for a country chic wedding. The addition of gold or maroon transforms this colour scheme into a more regal affair.

Test It:

Visit your local paint shop and collect paint swatches. Put them next to one another to see how they work together. You’ll also know the exact name of the shade you choose. For example, you may choose Aqua and decide to accent it with canary yellow.

Change it Up:

Are you indecisive? Did you fall in love with multiple colour schemes? You can give each room of your wedding celebration its own palette. However, we recommend that you choose at least one colour to be consistent throughout all the rooms to tie them all together. If you like every colour, maybe you should choose a rainbow theme.

Consider your Favourites:

Do you have a favourite type of flower? If you definitely want to incorporate the flower(s) in your wedding bouquet, then maybe that should be the dominant colour of your wedding. Or, decide on colours that will compliment it.

Repeat, Repeat, & Repeat:

Once you’ve decided on a colour theme, try to incorporate the colours as often as you can: doorway trimmings, table linens, centerpieces, table runners, utensils, napkin rings, escort cards, etc. The smallest details may make the largest impact.

All images courtesy of Andre M Photography and The SA School of Weddings