What is floral design?

First and foremost, floral design is an art form. It is an outward expression or application of human creative skill and imagination using flowers and plant material to create something beautiful. It is the perfect complement to creating a gorgeous setting for your wedding day.

Which flowers are best for my wedding?

There are some ‘wedding-worthy’ flowers that can be used for most arrangements. Use a variety of foliage and flowers such as roses, lisianthus, delphinium, lysmachia and hydrangeas (to name a few) and a mix of fynbos. You can also use succulents, aloes, air plants and other local flora. Avoid imported flowers if you are on a tight budget and ensure the quality is good as these flowers do spend more time in travel.

Which flowers are the most expensive?

Seasonality plays a big role in the price of flowers, as well as demand and supply. We often get asked the question: “What’s cheaper than roses?” And the answer is: “Well, not much!” Roses are well priced in comparison to most flowers and can be used sparingly with maximum impact. We get the most gorgeous roses from the local market and from some farms in the KZN Midlands with lovely big heads that open beautifully. There is also a common misconception that baby’s breath (Gypsophila) is a ‘cheap’ flower but the price is quite high relative to the size of the bundle. Peonies are another flower loved and adored by all. They are grown in South Africa but only for one month of the year, and depending on the weather, it’s somewhere around October/November. A lot of our good quality peonies are exported which leaves the local market with a few leftovers. Imported peonies are available from May-August, springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.

How do I budget for my wedding flowers?

It is best to set-up a meeting with your chosen floral designer and find out what flowers will be in season. Ask them to do a quote for you, based on your ideas, your wedding date and your chosen venue. It is important to remember that you are not just paying for the purchase of the flowers so don’t compare prices to store-bought flowers. There is a huge amount of time, labour and skill that goes into wedding flowers, not to mention materials, consumables and transport.

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The style and theme of your wedding will be a common thread running from the invitations to the attire, cake, table settings and surrounds. The choices are endless and so it’s a good idea to browse through magazines, visit bridal shows and surf the internet to get a feel of what excites you and which look you would like to go for.

There will be trends for colour schemes and design, but the most important thing is to remember your wedding is all about your individuality, so keep it personal to reflect who you are. Whether you want to go absurdly over the top, extraordinarily elegant or sophisticated and simple, get some professional advice to help tie it all together and keep realistic about your budget.

If you are using a venue, take into account the existing décor and setting which will provide your canvass – colour, style, design, theme, gardens or surrounds – and work from there. Most venues are beautiful with their own character and charm that you can transform into your personal setting with as little or as much fuss as you choose! Many venues include cutlery, crockery, basic linen and some even include candelabra and other décor elements, so find out what is available and included before you start planning your table décor. If you are having a marquee or garden wedding, you may need to hire everything in, including ablutions and kitchen facilities, so take these costs into consideration, as it usually works out more expensive than hiring a venue.

The tables in the venue can be round, square, or rectangular. You can choose simple white or cream tablecloths, often included, or hire in something linen to match your colour scheme or to add a touch of opulence. Wooden tables are popular and can be left bare or with a simple runner.

There is so much you can do with a little imagination, some professional advice and your own personal touch.

Find some fabulous décor specialists and floral artists you can trust here and have some fun with them to make your dreams come true.