Decor of your Dreams

So, this is it, you’re getting married and all of your childhood dreams about just what your big day will look like are now about to come true, but just where do you start with deciding on your wedding decor?

The first thing to do is book your venue and ask if they have a list of preferred suppliers. Working with someone who is on their supplier list means that you are working with someone familiar with the venue and that the venue has confidence in. No venue wants an unhappy bride on the day, so you can be confident with their recommendations. This does not have to be your only option – you can visit bridal fairs where you will see décor and flowers on show, talk to the suppliers and develop a relationship with them.

It is a good idea to book a sample table prior to your wedding to make sure that you are on the same page. While your Pinterest pictures are always a great help, remember that lots of those specific items are not readily available in South Africa. However, we do have really beautiful decor in this country, so be open to suggestions from your décor and flower specialists.

What flowers do I select?

Listen to your supplier – you might want to have hundreds of hydrangeas as your flowers in the middle of July, and absolutely nothing is impossible, but you are going to pay imported prices for those blooms. The same applies to the beautiful peonies that everyone wants for their weddings, they are expensive which is not a problem if your budget is healthy. Your florist will be able to give you good advice about what is in season and what alternatives are available to achieve the same look at a more realistic price.

What next?

Decide on your colours, the theme to your wedding, the numbers in your bridal party and you’re on your way. You will find that there will be the right décor person for you, someone who is genuinely interested in your wedding and will help you through the process, sourcing the right décor items for the wedding and making sure that everything is exactly as you dreamt.

Article by Gail Cornhill

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