A gorgeous wedding cake is often the centrepiece on your wedding day and it usually holds pride of position at your reception.  Cutting the cake together is a significant moment as it’s one of the first activities a bridal couple will do together not to mention that it’s a highly photographed moment.  So here are a few suggestions to help you take the cake of your dreams and turn it into a sweet reality.

When is your cake is going to be served?
If you are going to be serving your cake with canapés, or instead of, you will need to cater for all your guests and the chances are, they are going to be hungry!  However, if you are serving it at your reception, it’s typically not advisable to cater for everyone as your guests would have eaten by then and the party would have started so not everyone will partake in cake.

What is the overall style of your wedding?
If your wedding is an elegant and sophisticated affair, you will want to echo this in your cake design.  Picture smooth, clean lines with fondant and exquisite, handcrafted sugar flowers.  If you are planning a vintage, rustic or boho event, consider a naked cake complimented by beautiful, freshly picked blooms.

Do you want your cake to make a statement?
If you have always dreamed of a grand, six tier wedding cake but don’t wish to cater for that many guests, ask your cake designer about doing dummy (polystyrene) layers as this will help you achieve the desired look but will also help keep costs down and reduce cake wastage.

Does your cake compliment your theme and décor?
So, you have been pinning up a storm on Pinterest and the cakes you have selected are stunning but are they the perfect match for the colours, style and décor you have chosen for your wedding?  When chatting to your cake designer, fill them in on details such as the theme colours, wedding stationery and table décor you have chosen. A professional baker will weave all of these design elements into your cake, making sure that it not only satisfies your taste buds, but also looks like the show stopper you have always imagined for your special day.


By Lauren Lee Cake Couture