While many of us thought that wedding planning had come to a bit of a screeching halt in 2020, the global trend setters in the design and stationery world were hard at work – designing, creating and dreaming! Here are some 2021 trends to look out for but always remember to stay true to your own tastes.

1.       Personalisation
This emerging trend is a celebration of all that is unique about your story as a couple. Many engaged couples are looking to artists and illustrators to create bespoke wedding stationery such as a hand-drawn map of their chosen wedding destination. Illustrations and water colour paintings are great ways to express your individualism and they elevate your invitation to something more of a keepsake that you and your guests will want to hold on to.

2. Sustainability

Adopting a green and eco-conscious approach is a global phenomenon, which is making an impact on the stationery landscape too. Brides and groom are becoming more insistent that the materials used for creating their wedding elements are kind to the environment, such as bamboo card, recycled paper and vegetable-based ink.

3.       Botanicals and florals

Wedding stationery with floral and botanical prints isn’t new to us but this theme is now trending more towards greenery with a less classical look. Imagine a whimsical water colour of eucalyptus leaves, myrtle and delicate asparagus fern, or a wild, tropical mix of palm, banana and monstera leaves . We are also seeing an advance towards Victorian-era artwork and vintage nature illustrations, from citrus fruits and birds to the anatomy of a rose. (Can we just say how excited we are to see a new twist of this theme emerge!?)

4. Minimalist

The minimalism trend has made its way to wedding invitations and many couples are ditching the frills, fuss and fancy fonts and opting instead for a clean, contemporary look paired with high quality paper to create an elegant impression. Also look out for customised monograms featuring the bride and groom’s initials.

When you are ready to start working on your ‘Save the Date’ announcements, be sure to check out the creative and gifted wedding stationery designers in our Marriage Meander portfolio here!