Points to consider when timing your wedding

So much time and effort go into planning your day, you want to make sure that the tining of your wedding is correct to avoid delays, rushing or having to skip parts to make sure everything runs smoothly without ending too late.

  • The best light for your couples Creative Shoot is normally during the late afternoon. An hour before sunset on Your Day is a good time to start these shots. timeanddate.com is a good website to use for sunset times. Working out this time first is a good place to start when planning your wedding.
  • Your hair and make up should be complete about 1 1/2 hours before the ceremony. This will give you ample time for some great “bride tribe” and “getting ready” shots as well as photos of you in your dress, with mum etc. Communicate this to your make up artist so she can work out a start time for makeup, depending on the number of bridesmaids etc.
  • Depending on your ceremony type, you can look at allocating between 30 minutes to 1 hr for the “I do’s”.
  • Allow some time to mingle with your guests after the wedding ceremony. Your guests will want to congratulate you and say ‘Hi’, so enjoy this time and don’t be too hasty to rush off for your creative shoot. Some brides choose to cut the cake during this time.
  • Group photos are an important aspect (these are the ones mum and gran will want) so allow about 30 minutes for these depending on how many family photos you need. As a guide,8 Group photos is normally sufficient.
  • Your couples creative shoot normally takes around 45 minutes. Give yourself a bit of time after the shoot to breathe, “powder your nose” and take it all in before entering your reception.

Courtesy of  www.wildolivephoto.co.za