Have you worked out what your wedding bouquet personality is? In this blog, we will help matchmake you with your ideal bouquet style.

We all have our own unique signature style which is evident in the clothes, accessories and make-up we choose to wear. Since your bouquet is an integral part of your outfit on your wedding day, it makes sense that it, too, should match your personality!

Take a look at the categories below to help you work out which floral persona best represents you.

Miss Classic

You prefer a look that is beautiful, simple and timeless.  You don’t chase fads and you won’t be the flashiest girl in the room but your elegant bouquet will never go out of style. Since you value timeless beauty, a great option for you would be a symmetrical, classic clutch of roses, carnations, dahlias or peonies.

Miss Modern

You need zero encouragement to ditch traditional flower styling and you relish the idea of doing something fun, fresh and interesting with your wedding flowers.  As a fashion forward thinker, modern trends that may appeal to you are asymmetrical arrangements, mixing dried and fresh flowers, and the use of varied textures, and monochromatic designs.  You will enjoy unconventional flowers like sweet peas, hellebore, Queen Anne’s lace, lepidium, anemones, poppies, tulips, phalaenopsis orchids, and unexpected elements like fruits, vegetables, berries and succulents.

Miss Boho

Your style could best be described as fun and unpredictable.  Your inner wild child gravitates towards untamed, unstructured floral arrangements, with loose, cascading blooms or greenery. There are no rules when it comes to the flowers the boho bride will choose and you may even choose to skip the bouquet altogether, opting for a flower crown instead!

Miss Down to Earth

Your flower choices are likely to be guided by your love for nature and your commitment to using locally grown, sustainably sourced blooms. As a nature lover, choosing plants and flowers that are grown locally at the time of your wedding is a way to cut down your carbon footprint.  So why not consider these earth-friendly inclusions in your bouquet: wheat, grasses, branches, greenery and succulents (which can be replanted after the wedding).

Miss Romantic

You have been daydreaming about your wedding day ever since Disney introduced you to the idea of ‘happily ever after’. You are the ultimate romantic and your celebration is bound to be loaded with sweet and sentimental, details. This means your bridal bouquet is likely to include dreamy blooms such as ranunculus, anemones, peonies, scented garden roses and sprigs of flowering branches.

Miss Anything Goes

You love beautiful flowers but aren’t tied to any specific style.  With your laid-back approach, you are happy to trust your floral designer to create something exquisite that fits your colour palette and is seasonally available.

Head across to the KZN or Gauteng floral stylists featured in our directory if you need some further assistance in honing in on your floral style. They will help you choose beautiful blooms to suit your own personal sense of style, overall theme, budget and, very importantly, the time of year you plan to get walk down the aisle!