These days, the possibilities for men’s wedding attire are endless – from completely causal to seriously swanky!

Here are some notes on what is trending internationally for 2021:

  • Suits are leading the charge ahead of tuxedos and tails
  • Suit pants worn without jackets are gaining in popularity – especially for relaxed summer weddings
  • Jackets are being replaced with waistcoats or striking suspenders – which means you’re free to roll up your sleeves
  • Many modern grooms are opting for a Boho look so expect to see vintage touches, eccentric accents, bright colours, non-matching tops and pants, unconventional textures and more natural fabrics
  • Black, grey and blue suits are timeless and will never go out of style but in 2021 we welcome some bright and juicy colours to the fashion procession – watch out for burgundy, marsala, violet and olive green
  • If a bright suit feels over the top, pair a classic suit with patterned braces, tie and pocket square

Most importantly – have fun, choose something that you feel comfortable in – and rock that outfit hard!

By Jacqui Cochran
Marriage Meander