6 Ways to Personalise your Wedding Ceremony

You’ve spent hours planning every detail of your reception, and with good reason – it’s going to be the party of a lifetime. But take a breather from all that to think about the most important aspect of your big day: your wedding ceremony. It deserves the same careful consideration as your reception. After all, that special moment when you are pronounced husband and wife is the true highlight – one that friends and family members will remember long after the cake is cut and the bouquet is tossed. Your ceremony will set the tone for the rest of the wedding and should be as unique as you are as a couple. Here are a few ideas to make it more personal:


Begin by choosing how you’re going to supplement the standard order of events with creative touches that represent you as a couple. And the best place to start? Your entrance.

The wedding party that danced down the aisle on YouTube may inspire you, but there are other ways to make the processional your own. One idea is for the bride’s and groom’s guests to meet at opposite corners of a park, then walk to meet in the middle. Including children in the wedding ceremony not only makes it very personal but always gets a great response and usually relieves some of the tension. Work with your officiant to choreograph an entrance that works for you and your venue. https://marriagemeander.co.za/marriage-officers/


Consider the various configurations or formats in which you can seat guests. For an alternative to traditional seating that separates the bride’s side from the groom’s side, arrange chairs in a horseshoe or in small groupings. Or, for a very intimate wedding, ask guests to join hands and surround you in a circle as you exchange vows. Get creative with seating on hay bails or logs if your ceremony is in a forest setting.

Bellwood Forest Ceremony


Ask your officiant to incorporate a chapter from your love story into his or her address. It will help guests who may not be privy to the details of your courtship feel more connected to you. Share the sweet story of how you met, when you got engaged, or how you chose your wedding venue. Or print a special quote or song lyric on your program.


Whether it’s a beloved poem or a passage from your favorite book, your readings should truly celebrate who you are. Only include them if the words are meaningful and speak to your heart. Otherwise, it could feel like a filler. Should you opt to include one (or two), consider printing the text in the program so guests can follow.

It’s always special when couples write their own vows. The warmth it brings to a ceremony is almost indescribable. Writing down your love on paper may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you’d think. Just make sure you prepare well before the time and give a copy to your marriage officer as a backup in case nerves hinder your memory on the day.

Express yourselves.


By inviting your loved ones to participate in your big day, you will establish a sense of community among your guests. In turn, you’ll feel that they are supportive of your promises to one another. The most special ceremonies are those that incorporate everyone in attendance, not just the bride and groom. As you exchange vows, why not invite those present to recommit to their own vows and the relationships in their lives.

Personalise your Wedding Ceremony


Planting a tree that commemorates the anniversary of your wedding and grows with your marriage is a thoughtful touch for wedding ceremonies that take place at a family home or a park. Some venues might even welcome the gesture and be willing to have a tree planted on their property if arranged beforehand. The tree should be almost completely planted prior to the ceremony, with soil reserved in two small containers. During the ceremony, the bride and groom should place soil from the two containers on top of the planting, representing two individuals coming together as one. You can carry the theme through to your wedding favors and give guests a small tree to take home to plant. See https://bit.ly/2sGHPC8  for ‘green’ favor ideas.

Plant a tree

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