The media love telling us where we are going wrong and then miraculously come along with alternatives. If one is taken with the hype, good and well, but it might pay to be somewhat sceptical.

After considerable research, it emerges that there is little evidence to prove that super foods are superior and that the hype can be put down to marketing gimmicks. Some of the latest trends will be discussed below :

Goji berries have long been associated with Chinese medicine and are thought to boost immunity and protect against cancer and heart disease.  They are a popular snack among the health conscious. These berries are seen to be rich in a compound called zeaxanthin, linked to keeping eyes healthy. If that is what one is after, there is ample to be found in leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and in yellow peppers.

Blue berries, the original “super food” have come under scrutiny. The chemical that is said to protect the heart, struggles to make it into the blood stream. Coconut water, currently all the rage, a clear liquid tapped for young coconuts has been termed “natures sports drink” has been proven to be no better than water.

Wheatgrass juice, a green liquid squeezed from the roots of young wheat, supposedly floods the tissues with life-giving oxygen. Investigation has found this to be debatable. Quinoa has helped people lose some weight but due to low numbers, research has been inconclusive.

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Baobab powder, made from the fruit of this special African tree, is said to boost immunity if indigested, but again arguable. However, the humble beetroot did make the grade. The nitrates in this vegetable are said to lower blood pressure, but ingesting large quantities come with a warning as this may fuel gastric cancer.

Regarding topical application, extracts from the Baobab fruit have been found to be a potential cosmetic goldmine, especially from the leaves and the bark.

The baobab tree is fondly called the “Tree of Life”. The kernels contained within the baobab fruit pod yield a rich, golden scented oil traditionally used by African women to protect their beautiful skin against the harsh African savannah environment. The oil has strong natural moisturizing properties and is commonly used to both prevent and cure dry skin conditions of the face and body. Baobab oil contains omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that contribute towards the maintenance of healthy skin. Matsimela’s Baobab range contains pure Baobab oil for ultimate moisturization.   For more information on Matsimela’s fantastic range please visit 

  1. Aricle courtesy of Matsimela’s Sandy Harvey.