These days, grooms are much more hands-on when it comes to the planning and decision making surrounding their wedding but even if you are one of those grooms who are happy to let your lady lead the charge, we encourage you to take note of our handy hints so that you can make sure you are on top of your manly mandates!

Set a budget
Decide how much you and your other half are able to contribute, add any parental contributions and tally the number. Then stick to your budget throughout the planning process!

Draw up a guest list
Focus on people who’ve been there for you as a couple and who will continue to support you and be part of your lives in the future.

Choose your ‘bru crew’
The bride has her tribe and you’ll need a best man and possible some groomsmen too! Remember that your best man is usually the one who arranges your bachelor party and says a speech at the wedding so choose wisely.

Select your attire
Chat to your significant other about your wedding colours and theme so that you are on the same page when you go shopping for your outfit.  You can either purchase or hire your outfit. Hiring is a great option if you have a limited budget and if you will rarely have the opportunity to wear your suit again.  Take a look at our style guide below for tips on what to wear.

Book the honeymoon
Plan and pay for your trip well ahead of time. If it’s an international destination, do your homework about visas and vaccinations and don’t forget to pack the passports!

Write your speech (and vows)
Whatever happens, do not leave this to the eleventh hour! You may be a great public speaker in normal situations but weddings tend to be emotionally charged and you will want to have some notes prepared and printed to ensure that your speech and vows are meaningful and memorable for all the right reasons.

Show some extra love for your lady
Support your bride-to-be through dress dilemmas, catering calamities and general wedding woes. The chances are she is juggling a lot of balls to make sure your day is perfection personified and she will probably need reminding along the way that she’s doing an amazing job!

Get a haircut
Schedule this for the week leading up to the wedding but don’t leave it for the day before when there are always a million last-minute things to take care of. (Handy hint: This is not the time to try a new style or a new stylist!)

Look after the rings
On the day, you are quite literally ‘lord of the rings’ and it’s your job to make sure the rings are accounted for and presented at just the right moment!


By Jacqui Cochran
Marriage Meander