Here are a few essential things that every bride needs to know before going shopping for her Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dress Shopping should Start with you:

  1. You are all beautiful woman
  2. Your man chose you
  3. With the right wedding dress, no matter what size you are, or what shape you are, you will look beautiful

Who do you shop with?

  1. Your Mom
  2. Your Best friend
  3. People who know you well

Your attitude:

  1. Be open-minded when you shop
  2. Try on wedding dresses you never thought you would
  3. Try on many different silhouettes before you rule out anything

Know your body, do a little research:

  1. What is your figure shape
  2. What needs to be highlighted or disguised?
  3. What color suits you – remember there are many tones of white
  4. Be true to your personality

Pinterest and wedding dress pictures:

  1. Discover what you like
  2. Know what you don’t like
  3. Have an idea of your overall look and feel for your wedding day


  1. Take too many people shopping with you
  2. Try on outside of your budget
  3. Judge a dress on its hanger
  4. Say no to every dress your mom wants you to try on
  5. Feel like you have to cry in order to know that you have found the one
  6. Get disheartened or discouraged when you try on a dress that is too small, too big or makes you look ridiculous, it will happen so just laugh through it and move on.

Most importantly, have fun, and enjoy shopping for your wedding dress.

With thanks to Meliza Mary for the Bride for the advice.

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