The origins of today’s bachelor party date back much further than you would expect. The tradition is rooted in ancient history — as early as the 5th century B.C. It is believed that the ancient Spartans were the first to celebrate the groom’s last night as a single man. Spartan soldiers held a dinner in their friend’s honour and made toasts on his behalf with, one assumes, a Spartan sense of decorum.

Since then, bachelor parties have become somewhat more raucous affairs. These days, the mention of a stag night often invokes scenes from the movie ‘The Hangover’, which, whilst entertaining to watch, let’s face it, most grooms are not up for that level of insanity.

The planning of a bachelor bash typically falls on the best man or the groom’s brother. If that honour lies with you, here are a few things to consider:

  1. We know that being organised is usually left to the bride and her tribe but this time it’s your turn to ‘suit up’. Plan well in advance so that your invitees have enough notice to make themselves available for the event.  Be organised before the event so that when the day arrives, all that remains is to let loose and enjoy.
  2. Plan something that the majority of your guests will be able to afford and enjoy.
  3. resThis event is about the groom so make sure it’s the kind of party he would choose for himself.
  4. Club together and cover the groom’s costs. Make him feel special and think of ways to make this a meaningful and memorable bonding experience.
  5. Final warning: don’t do anything you may regret the next morning.
    Final instruction: absolutely do have the time of your life!

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’ve got some ideas to help you plan a bachelor party that will leave the groom and guests with lasting memories rather than simply a hangover.  Take a look at these fun, outdoorsy adventures in the KZN area:

  • clay shooting
  • Segway safari
  • white water rafting
  • 4×4 fun
  • mountain biking
  • fishing
  • hiking

To book any of these activities, head across to our wedding planning page and connect with suppliers who coordinate these brilliant lads’ adventures:

Happy adventures!


By Jacqui Cochran
Marriage Meander