Your wedding of course, is one of the key highlights of your life. But that is just one day in the grander scheme of things. Your family and friends are with you all the way. And with the festive season looming, chances are you will be gathering en-masse to spend time together with all the special people in your life.

Are you capturing these unique times? It’s definitely worth your while getting a professional to make your memories even more magical.  Snapdragon Pictures specialises in Lifestyle, Wedding, Studio, Pet, Babies & Bellies Portraits and everything else in between. Here is a sneak preview into one of their Lifestyle Family Portraits.

The West Family at Reefsteamers – Lifestyle Portraits with Snapdragon Pictures

The West Family is scattered across the country and doesn’t get together very often.  They managed to find one day this year where they were all in Johannesburg at the same time!  So of course, a family photo shoot was necessary!  Reefsteamers in Germiston is one of my favourite places.  It’s fun and full of history so there are lots of distractions for the camera-shy, and all those pretty colours and textures give us so much to play with.   By Sean and Leanne Williams.


  1. Aricle courtesy of Sean and Leanne Williams, Snapdragon Pictures.