We all want our wedding album to be amazing but when you don’t spend your life in front of a camera posing, how are you supposed to know what to do! Enlisting the services of a great photographer is the first step to getting a killer photo album. Knowing what poses you would like to try is also helpful.

Here is your Wedding Photo Poses Cheat Sheet with 27 wedding poses you should try.

1. The handhold

Holding hands is a classic pose for a reason, and you will definitely want some of these shots in your album. Create a little space between you and your partner (I know, this is a big ask on your wedding day when you want to be as close as can be) and link fingers.

Couple holding hands in forest lake setting

Boho couple holding hands red flower crown
Bridal xcouple holding hands dark clouds behind
Couple holding hands with rustic shed backdrop

2. The cute cuddle

Cosy up with your partner’s arms around you for an intimate shot.

Bridal couple snuggle against wagon wheel

Cute couple snuggling against Winter forest backdrop

Gold and red Indian wedding outfits

Groom snuggling bride from behind

3. Whisper sweet nothings

For some lovely candid shots, you can whisper into each other’s ears, which invariably results in some giggles and lovely fun shots.

Groom whispers into brides ear wrapped in veil

Bridal couple share secret

Bridal coup;le laughing during creative shoot

4. The casual stroll

Take your partner’s hand and go on a little stroll while your photographer clicks away capturing some natural shots of the newly weds. (Bonus points if he carries your train while you walk. Your partner, not your photographer, that is!)

5. The walk off

Often the back of your outfit (not to mention your hair!) is as noteworthy as the front which means you will want some beautiful photos from behind. Ask your photographer to follow you as you walk away. You can walk away holding hands, with arms interlinked or perhaps even dancing.

6. The look away

This pose has become a trendy favourite. Stand beside one another, holding hands, with some space between you and looking off in opposite directions.

7. The smooch

Every wedding album must include a great kissing shot. And since it’s your wedding day and you probably won’t have seen much of each other earlier in the day, it shouldn’t be too much of a hardship to nab plenty of smooching shots!

Wedding couples stealing kisses in a forest

Newly weds kissing in horse paddockk

Couple kissing in front of old wooden doors

8. The cheek kiss

A peck on the cheek is a more delicate and sweet version than the full-on smooch, but still worthy of a place in your wedding album.

Couple shoot kiss on cheek

Bride kisses groom on the cheek

Smiling bride gets kissed on cheek by groom


9. The almost kiss

Get your photographer to catch you leaning in for a smooch but not all the way there…

Bride and groom almost kissing

Newly weds about to kiss

Bridal couple about to kiss

10. The forehead kiss

Sweet forehead kisses are a great way to capture the intimacy between you two lovebirds.

11. Kiss from behind

This one works particularly well if your partner is on the taller side.

Kiss from behind

Kiss from behind

Bride kissing groom behind her on beach

12. The hand kiss

Go old school and offer your lady a gentleman’s kiss on her hand. This is, after all, her day to feel like a Disney princess!

Groom kisses bride's hand

Couple creative shoot hand kissing pose

Groom on bended knee kissing bride's hand

13. The nose ping

A little nose-to-nose intimacy is such a sweet and endearing way to get up close with your favourite human.

Delicate nose to nose shot of bridal couple

Newly weds nose to nose

Nose ping beneath floral arch

Sweet nose ping between bridal couple

14. Forehead to forehead

Share a tender moment together and stand with your foreheads touching and eyes closed.

Bride and groom standing forehead to forehead in front of chapel

Forehead to forehead close up


Forehead to forehead with arms around waist

15. Sitting down

During your creative shoot, find a comfy spot to sit down together and make the most of this little mini rest. Lean into one another, chat, exhale and enjoy the moment.

Bridal couple sitting on ground looking into camera

Bride and groom sitting on rocks looking at ocean

Newly weds sitting on stairs outside building

Bridal couple sitting and chatting

Couple shoot sitting on tree stump

16. The overhead

Find a pretty spot to lie down and have your photographer take an overhead shot of you. If your photographer has a drone, a zoomed out version of this can be really epic!

Overhead shot of couple lying in autumn leaves

Drone shot of couple lying down on wooden jetty

Overhead shot of couple lying on grass surrounded by leaves

17. Veil shot

If you’re wearing a veil on your wedding day, you’ll definitely want to nab some ‘under cover’ shots of both of you beneath your veil. The options here are endless – look into each other’s eyes, do a forehead bump, smile at your photographer through the mesh or get another killer kissing picture shrouded in veil romance.

Golden hour shot of bride and groom under veil

Bride and groom kissing beneath veil

Bridal couple smiling at each other under veil together

18. Lovers’ gaze

Keep a little distance between your faces and gaze lovingly into your partner’s eyes so that your photographer can capture some newly married adoration.

A loving look between newly weds

Couple gazing into each other's eyes

19. Face touch

This one is similar to the lovers’ look, but with you touching your partner’s face gently for some added tenderness.

20. The twirl

Consider this a little warm up for your first dance. It allows your photographer to capture some movement in your dress and if you can time it to coincide with golden hour, what a win!

Bride twirling in forest

Bride and groom dancing in field at sunset

Groom twirling his bride on dirt road

21. The lift

Dirty Dancing is proof that you can’t go wrong with a lift. And whilst we love the original overhead lift, care of Patrick Swayze, unless you’ve practised this move multiple times, I recommend sticking to a simpler version of your partner hoisting you into the air. It will still look very romantic and impressive on camera.

Romantic photo pose of groom lifting bride

Groom lifts bride and swings her in front of colourful bridge

Groom carries bride

Groom lifts bride for romantic photo

22. The dip

Another uber romantic dance-inspired pose.

23. The piggyback

Looking to add a touch of fun and playfulness to your album? Time for a piggyback! This gives you an opportunity to show off some pretty shoes, or for an even more relaxed shot, you may want to go barefoot.

Couple laughing as groom piggybacks bride

Fun piggyback shot

Groom gives bride a piggyback

24. The ring shot

Yes, you’ll want all the kissing, snuggling and smiling shots but what wedding album would be complete without a photo of your gorgeous new ring? Pose in a way that showcases your new gem, like placing your left hand around your partner’s neck or placing your hand on their chest. If you want to capture both of your rings, find something to do together, such as push open a swing gate. Take a zoomed out shot and a close-up.

Photo of couple's rings with hands on fence

Close up of rings

Funny ring shot

Elegant ring whot

25. The lean

Find a cool looking doorway, wall or tree to stand against and let your partner lean you into it.

Couple leaning against wall

26. Head on shoulder

Lay your head on his shoulder and let the love just radiate.

Bride laying her head on her husband's shoulder

Bride resting head on groom's shoulder at beach

Bride luaghing and resting head on groom's shoulder

27. Cheek to cheek

Press your cheek up against his and both look into the camera. This one’s going to be a really cool, Insta-worthy close-up.

And now you are ready to – if I may borrow the words of that Madonna song –

“V o g u e . . . Strike a pose!”

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Love from Jacqui