You may think that your wedding day will be etched into your memory forever, but so much of the day passes by in a blur making it impossible to absorb all the details and, with the passage of time, memories inevitably fade. You owe it yourself, your far-flung loved ones unable to attend, and future generations to record the memories of this momentous occasion in a timeless way. Here’s our take on how to get the most out of your wedding photos and video.

Book early

When considering which photographer to book, you and your fiancé  will need to decide on the photographic style that appeals to you. You may want formal, posed shots, candid, fun pictures, or something witha more journalistic, documentary feel. Often your photos will be a blend of these approaches but if there is a particular style that you are fond of, be sure to communicate that with your appointed suppliers.

Pick professional partners

Choosing an experienced wedding photographer and videographer is essential if you don’t want to be disappointed. Not only will their professional cameras and lenses ensure you receive quality images and videos, but they will have the technical skill, experience, and artistic ability to capture the mood and fleeting moments of the occasion. Their knowledge of light and their ability to adapt quickly to  different situations and weather conditions will make a big difference to the end result. They will also have backup equipment in case of any emergency. This is really important as you won’t be able to replay the day  if batteries die, equipment fails, or if there are other technical disasters. Do your homework and view previous work that your shortlisted candidates have done. Check to see what their previous clients have to say about them.

Set up a meeting

It’s important that you meet with your specialists  before your wedding to make sure you feel comfortable with them. They will be tracking your every move on the big day and you will want to make sure that you have a good feeling about them and that they inspire your trust and confidence. If a  face-to-face meeting isn’t possible, a Zoom call or video-chat will give you some insight into their personality and offer you the opportunity to ask questions that might otherwise not be covered in written communications.

Book an engagement shoot

Having a pre-wedding engagement shoot is an ideal opportunity to  get to know each other and see how your photographer works with you as a couple. It will ensure you feel relaxed and confident on the day, knowing that you are in good hands. Plus it will result in you getting some stunning photos, which you can use for your Save the Date!

How to handle the Shot List

When compiling a list of photos and footage that you want your photographer and videographer to capture, don’t try to incorporate every possible  combination of grandparents, siblings, friends-that-are almost-family, cousins twice-removed, etc. List the most important  photos and appoint a responsible family member, or friend who knows both your families, to round up the relevant people for each photo when they are needed. Timing is everything Your photographer will be able to guide you on how much time to allocate to each part of the day to avoid delays – from getting your hair and makeup done and getting dressed to having group photos, your creative shoot and cutting the cake.  Try to allocate more time than needed, so you don’t feel rushed and you’ll enjoy the day more. Refer to our suggested timeline to make sure that everything runs smoothly and you won’t have to rush or skip any part of the day to stay on schedule.

Weather warning

One thing you can’t control on your wedding day is the weather. At certain times of the year and in some locations, you can have three seasons in a day! You may be fantasising about a garden, forest, or beach  ceremony, but having an alternate undercover ceremony and reception venue will give you peace of mind. If there is the  slightest chance of rain or a cold front, arm yourselves with umbrellas, gumboots, and jackets. A skilled professional will know how to create magic in any environment. In fact, some of the most  breathtaking footage is captured in rain, wind, or misty conditions.

The small-print

Most photographers and videographers will insist that you sign a booking form or contract, which will stipulate their payment terms and postproduction details such as the ability  for them to use photos from your wedding in their marketing materials, and so on. These documents are not just for the benefit of the supplier; they also give you peace of mind that your chosen professionals will honour their commitment to capture your memories on your chosen  date. When documenting the details, make sure that you understand how many images you will receive, how these will be presented (e.g. have you opted for a digital-only package, or a leatherbound album?), whether you require additional prints,  albums or DVD’s for parents, how soon you can expect to receive the final product, and so on. Remember – quality work takes time and your service providers will spend many hours after the event editing and crafting the final masterpiece.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t try to manage every  outcome on your wedding day and don’t let the little things get you worked up. Remember the real reason for being there: to celebrate the start of your marriage. On this rare occasion, you and your fiancé will be surrounded by treasured family and friends who have all come together to share in your joy. Relax, be present, and enjoy every moment.


By Jacqui Cochram
Marriage Meander