Here’s how to rock your frock with the top wedding dress trends for 2022! We scouted the Bridal Fashion Week blog and consulted with some of our local dress designers to bring you some of 2022’s top wedding dress trends. The good news for our 2022 brides is that there are both traditional and non-traditional looks in the line-up. Whether you fancy a minimalist ensemble or an over-the-top ballgown (or something inbetween), there is a wedding dress that is perfect for you.  Take a look at what’s hot and happening and find the outfit that fits your unique sense of style.

1. The fairy tale ballgown

The fairy tale princess dress is a wedding trend that will never go out of style. At the Spring 2022 bridal collection shows overseas, designers presented a modern take on the quintessential ballgown, which included details like exaggerated puff sleeves, cascading ruffles, detailed corsetry and exquisite embroidery.

All of the above dresses are available from Bella Bride

2. The Bridgerton Bride

A distinct look that has developed is the ‘Bridgerton bride’, which features Regency era dresses with details such as cap sleeves, square necklines and corsets, like those worn by Daphne.

The above dress is available from Bella Bride

3. Sweet simplicity

We are doing a little happy dance to see the resurgence of the 90’s simple slip on the bridal scene. For the better part of 18 months, the whole world has been in a lockdown of some kind, which has resulted in a significant shift in what we wear day-to-day. Comfortable, simple clothes have become wardrobe staples and we have seen a surge in ‘athleisure’ wear. Brides are embracing this trend for their wedding day and opting for a dress and shoes that are pared down and informal – all of which makes for an epic celebration!

Dresses from  Amour Bridal (left),  Bella Bride (centre), Hanrie Lues Bridal (right)

4. Short styles

What they lack in fabric, they make up for in personality! Short dresses aren’t just for elopements. They are great for more casual weddings and if you have good legs and a sexy pair of heels, now’s your chance to show them off!

Dresses photographed by Laura Jean Photography 

5. Cold-shoulder sleeves turn up the heat

This versatile look flatters most necklines and can work with pretty much any silhouette dress from fitted mermaid style to flowing ball gown. Cold-shoulder and asymmetrical off-the-shoulder alternatives are also on the rise.

Dresses from Hanrie Lues Bridal (left and centre) and Bella Bride (right), 

6. Statement veils and headpieces

Dramatic veils, interesting and imaginative headbands and bespoke headpieces are also stand-out trend.

Headpieces from Bella Bride (left and right),  circle image photographed by Vix Photography.

7. Flower power

Flowers are an eternal wedding fashion theme but you can expect to see this natural element dominate wedding dresses in a new and breathtaking way. Look out for joyful and celebratory floral embroidery, appliqués and prints.

Dresses from Hanrie Lues Bridal (left) and Bella Bride (centre and right), 

8. Perfect pleats

We love the three-dimensional depth of a pleated dress.  Pleats add an element of timeless elegance and we are excited to see the announcement of this trend on the wedding dress front!

All of the above dresses are from Amour Bridal

9. Take a bow

It’s not surprising that bows are in the bridal spotlight after taking Insta’s fashion threads by storm. High impact dresses boast oversized bows whilst other designers are weaving bow details into their designs in a a more subtle and romantic way.  If you’ve had to postpone your wedding, the addition of a bow is an easy way to update your look to a new season.

Dresses from Bella Bride (left) and Amour Bridal (right and circle)

10. Street style comes to the wedding aisle

Last year a new phrase entered the fashion lexicon last year: midriff flossing. In essence, it refers to a skirt with ties that wrap around the waist and draw attention to the tummy area. Crop tops also announced themselves as a returning trend!  A more moderate cross-over from street fashion into the bridal arena includes dresses with cheeky side cut-outs and a flash of bare midriff.

Dresses from Bella Bride (left and centre) and Amour Bridal (right)

11. Ruffled to the max

If you are one of those gals who believes that “more is more” then a ‘maximalist’ (the polar opposite to minimalist) dress is for you!  Picture voluminous ruffled skirts, which can be styled to look either dramatic and bold, or whimsical and dreamy.

Dresses from Bella Bride (left and right) and Amour Bridal (circle) 

12. Feathers

We are just tickled to see feathers being added to wedding couture! Whether you fancy a more ethereal take on this trend, or you are ready to commit to some serious plumage, feathers do add glamour to a gown.

All Bella Bride 

13. Deep V-necklines

Deep V-necklines are a huge trend this season, appearing in almost every 2022 collection that debuted on the international catwalks.

Dresses from  Amour Bridal (left),  Bella Bride (centre), and Hanrie Lues Bridal (right).

14. Voluminous sleeves

Regency-era designs are experiencing a major comeback, so it’s no surprise to see that designers are embracing the puff sleeve. Options range from subtle and sophisticated to oh-so-ostentatious, giving you the ability to wear it your way.

Dresses from Hanrie Lues Bridal (left),  Amour Bridal (circle), and Bella Bride (right).

15. Bridal separates

This is a fabulous look for the unconventional bride who would prefer to wear multiple pieces instead of a dress.  In 2022, pants sets are not limited to a minimalist classic look. Expect to see quirky details in the form of sequins, frills and beading.

All Bella Bride

16. Sexy slits

High slits are on the rise (pun intended!). If you’re looking to step out and show a bit of leg without braving a short hemline, this is the 2022 trend for you.

Dresses from Bella Bride (left), Hanrie Lues Bridal (centre), and Amour Bridal (right).

17. One dress – two looks

Transitional pieces such as detachable trains, sleeves, overskirts, belts, and jackets allow brides to have one dress with two looks.  This trend also comes in handy for those brides who have had to reschedule their weddings and find themselves wearing a dress that was created for a completely different season.

Dresses from Amour Bridal (left) and Bella Bride (right).

Wishing you so much joy and fun as you begin the hunt for your wedding dress!

Love Jacqui