Tick tock… midnight struck 12. And you said yes! Congratulations!

Excitement, nerves, elation, happiness and … oh boy… planning… 2016 has now suddenly taken on a whole new meaning. So in your honour, The Marriage Meander Company has formally declared 2016 as The Year of Romance and is kicking off this new era with some hot and handy tips.

Here is how to turn your good news into the best news…

  • Habit is out. Dates are in.
  • Reality is out. Romance is in.
  • Long engagements are out. Doing it now is in.
  • Old is out. New is in.
  • Drab is out. Shimmer is in.
  • Sit down is out. Playing with your food is in.
  • Crowds are out. Cool company is in.
  • Veils are out. Flower crowns are in.
  • Tradition is out. Travel teasers are in.
  • Stress is out. Sexy is in.
    • Assumptions are out. Conversations are in.
    • Serious is out. Humour (and sincerity) is in.
    • Control is out. Sharing is in. Start the buzz now. Hash tag your day.

And ultimately…

Be kind. Be daring. Smile. Touch. Reach out. Give. Receive. Love. Unconditionally.

So keep on browsing and please download our free app ~ find all the hottest wedding trendies here . Ever resourceful and growing daily ~ we will show you how.

So here is to a truly rocking and romantic 2016… The Marriage Meander way.