Your wedding day will be viewed from many perspectives. You will enjoy the build-up of getting to the chapel, the feeling of anticipation as you walk down the aisle, the excitement as you see each other for the first time, and the overwhelming joy as you hear your fiancé say “I do”.

How long will those memories linger? Having a video that has captured those special moments will last a lifetime and allow you to relive your day as often as you like. It will also enable you to see all the emotion and details you may have missed because you were so enthralled with one another or parts of the day that you may have rehearsed but were not able to witness, such as your flower girls walking down the aisle scattering petals ahead of you. A video will bring to life the sights and sounds of your wedding. You will be able to hear your vows and see the look in your partner’s eyes as they were said and be moved once again as you watch your first dance.

When selecting a videographer, many of the same criteria for choosing your photographer apply. Videographers also have varying styles, present their work in different ways and offer various packages. It’s important to view examples of their previous work as you’ll soon know if you like what you see. Make sure you like the person/people who will be filming you on the day and select a company according to your preferences and budget.

Quality is a key consideration. Filming in high quality is something you’ll certainly appreciate and be sure to check what is included – a short highlights clip, the speeches, ceremony, and opening dance? When discussing details, make sure you mention which special moments you’d like to have captured. If you’ve planned a surprise for your fiancé or guests, or if your entrance song is significant, brief them about these details so they are well prepared. Videographers are usually very approachable and normally willing to adapt their technique for you or add something specific if you request it.

Magic happens when you put movement to music and it’s not surprising that finding the right videographer has become an essential part of wedding planning.

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